Tense Upper Back and Shoulders?…

Make ten minutes and I’ll help you out.

Right now…

1.Sit tall with your spine lifting upwards and begin to rotate the shoulders backwards exploring the full range of movement available to you. Don’t rush and you’re aiming for a minimum of five. Now repeat going forwards.

2. Take your arms out to the sides bent at 90 degrees as if you were under arrest. Now take right elbow over the left like this…

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths into the space you’ve made between your shoulder blades, aim for a minimum of five breaths.

Now take your arms out to the side on an inhale and repeat with the left arm on top.

If this feels too much here is an alternative option..

You’re basically giving yourself a hug! Hands on opposite shoulders if you can.

Now we’ll work in the opposite direction and open up across the chest.

3. Take the right arm up by the ear, bend at the elbow and drop the hand down between the shoulder blades.

Now you can either put the left hand on the right elbow to gently stretch or you can put your left hand behind your back to reach towards your right hand like this…

If you can’t reach then you can use a belt or even a sock between the hands to help stretch.

Try to keep the spine lifting up and not hunch over.

Repeat in the opposite side.

4. Let’s stretch out the shoulders like so..

Put gentle pressure above or below the elbow but not on the elbow.

Repeat on the opposite side.

Still got time?

Ok let’s do two more! You’ll need to lie on your front for this one.

5. Leaning on your forearms you’re going to bring one in front of the other below your face.

If you’re able to, slowly walk the hands away from the centre so your arms stretch out and your head lowers…

Maybe you can even bend your elbow and bring your hands together at the back of your head like this…

I know. I look ridiculous. So will you.

Feels good though.

Ease your way out gently and repeat on the opposite side.

Saving the best ’til last.

6. Come to all fours. Lower onto your forearms and keeping your thighs as upright as you can walk your hands forward. Lower your forehead to the floor and then maybe your chin if you want an extra challenge!

Take some deep breaths here, again aiming for a minimum of five.

Walk your hands back, come to your knees and you’re all done!

Most important here, is to be aware of WHY you have tension in this area of your body.

Take a look at your posture, do you use a computer or a phone a lot where you are hunched over? Maybe you spend long hours driving?

See where you can correct posture and minimise or change these activities where possible.

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