Are you a little fed up with photos of perfect yoga postures on Instagram, well turned out kids on Facebook and beautifully prepared meals on Pinterest?  Me too! At best they are annoying, at worst, damaging.

Join me for some real life attempts at bringing up a young family, trying to establish a yoga practice, eating a balanced vegan diet and trying to stay sane and mindful! I pinky promise to keep it real, be honest and be supportive. We are all in this together right?

Hi my name is Anna and I’m a yoga teacher based in Exmouth, Devon. I have three children, a husband and a dog. Life, as it is for everyone else, is crazy and full of ups, downs and round and rounds. I’m going to share my experiences as well as offer up ideas of how to keep your feet on the ground and a sense of what is really important.

There’ll be yoga (obviously), vegan food, mindfulness and family stuff too.

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